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Grant Opportunity!

The STEM Integration Grant will pay two or more teachers to plan a unit or
project that integrates technology education, engineering, or science and
any other discipline. (for example, it could be: engineering and art;
science and english; technology education and math; science, engineering
and social studies; etc....)

The spirit of this grant to get colleagues from various disciplines to
talk, plan and work together to create innovative ways of engaging students
in rigorous and relevant STEM projects.

One of the applicants must be a member of the MSTA or TEEAM at the time the
application is submitted.

Apply Now!

Achieve Releases Classroom Sample Assessment Tasks for the Next Generation Science Standards!

Sample Tasks Demonstrate Ways Middle and High School Teachers Can Combine Content from NGSS and the Common Core State Standard

To HS Math, Science and Tech Instructors, 

You are invited to lead a team for the 7th annual Maine Wind Blade Challenge, a state-wide high school STEM competition hosted by the Maine Composites Alliance (MCA) and the Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative (MOWII). This STEM activity challenges teams of students to design and manufacture the most effective sets of wind blades with industry partners. The final products will be tested and presented in a competitive setting at the University of Maine, Orono on May 1, 2015.

Along with academic, team building, hands-on, work force development and future education opportunities, Wind Blade Challenge engages students participating in any or all of the following:  technical, traditional, extra curricular and advanced academics. Teachers provide the coordination and oversight of the teams, and we are inviting you to lead a team(s).   The event, guidelines and overall coordination are provided by Maine Wind Blade Challenge in conjunction with wind and composites industry sponsors, as well as UMaine College of Engineering, UMaine Advanced Structures and Composites Center and UMaine Center for Innovation, and SMCC's CERL lab. 

Please contact Lisa Twombly at  or 207-701-6203 with any questions, and visit for more information.

Dear STEM education colleague,

The Student Spaceflight Experiments Program was designed as a model U.S. national STEM education initiative to inspire and engage the next generation.
It was launched in 2010, before "STEM" became a curricular focal point, and serves as a phenomenal, high media visibility, high caliber, turn-key program
that can provide a district a core STEM activity tuned to Next Generation Science Standards. Over 48,900 grade 5-15 students have now been immersed in
real experiment design across 99 communities - and 96 flight experiments - one for each community


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