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Earth’s carbon cycle, Quebec City to Farmington, Maine:

  • 19 Oct 2013
  • 20 Oct 2013
  • UMF to Quebec City
OBJECTIVE: Participating K-12 teachers will identify the key components and processes of the natural carbon cycle in order to better understand and respond intelligently to the anthropogenic carbon perturbation. Armed with a deeper understanding of carbon cycling, they will deliver more effective instruction that fosters environmental stewardship and responsible “carbon citizenship.”

ENTICING DETAILS: En route, our magic school bus (technically UMF vans) will take us to exotic locations in space (e.g., equatorial and southern paleo-latitudes, Earth’s mantle) and time (e.g., when Earth’s climate was both much warmer and colder than at present). Learn how to satisfy the human lust for travel by mining the wealth of natural history in our backyard with a light carbon footprint (per capita CO2 emissions ~3% of annual allowance compared to ~300% for trip to Paris). Expect a revel of intellectual stimulation that will spill into your classroom and motivate your students. Saturday’s itinerary includes stops near Jackman, Chutes de la Chaudiere, Montmorency Falls, and Old Quebec. On Sunday, we return via Thetford Mines (to view a world-renowned slice of oceanic crust and mantle), Megantic, Rangeley, and Smalls Falls.

Trip Leader: Dr. Douglas Reusch, Assoc. Prof. Geology, UMF (

Meet: 10am, Saturday 2013/10/19 (return by 3pm on Sunday) at UMF Facilities

Parking Lot (located on Route 2 0.2 miles east of intersection with Route 4).

Number of participants: 8

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